CMPT 469: Data-Driven Methods of Visual Media Synthesis

Instructor: Zicheng Liao

Student Feedbacks

Class time: Tuesday 1:30 - 2:20pm K9500  Thursday 12:30 - 2:20pm AQ315 

Office hours: Tuesday/Thursday 4:30pm - 5:30pm TASC 9025


Programming Assignments

PA1: texture synthesis

PA2: gradient domain editing.



Recommended Textbook:

Computer Vision: A Modern Approach, Forsyth & Ponce 2011

Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications by Rick Szeliski 2010

Vision Science: Photons to Phenomenology, Stephen Palmer 1999


Matlab Tutorial: matlabtutorial.m

Matlab resources from Derek Hoiem's page: Useful Function List; Reference Guide; Writing Fast Code



Date Topic  Material  Paper Presentation
Sep 8th

 Intro.png   Introduction                   

 01 intro.pptx                            
Sep 10th

 camera.png   Image Formation I

 02 formation-cam.pptx
Sep 15th

 yosemite.png  Image Formation II

 03 formation-post.pptx        
Sep 17th

 swan.png Understanding Image  

 04 image.pptx
Sep 22th

 texture.png  Texture Synthesis

 05 texture.pptx

Sep 24th

 texture2.png  More Texture Synthesis

 06 texture2.pptx

 Chong Zhao

 Color Transfer between Images

Sep 29th

&Oct 1st

&Oct 6th

 frequency.png  Thinking in Frequency

 07-08-09 frequency.pptx  

 Hazel Yip

 Artist as Neuroscientist

Oct 08th  pyramid.png  Pyramids and Blending  10 blending.pptx


 Salehen Rahman

 Daala codec


Oct 13th


Oct 15th

 BMergeFishWater.jpg Gradient Domain Editing  11-12 gradientdomain.pptx


 Hongyi Zhang

 Non-local mean image denoising

Oct 20th graphcut.pngGraph Cut: a giant step from 1 to 2  13 graphcut.pptx


Oct 22th fake.png Detecting Fakes  14 fakes.pptx

 Paul Vicol

 Exploring Photobios


Oct 27th  midterm.jpg Midterm   


Oct 29th

Nov 3rd

                                   Image Stiiiiiiiitching


 15-16 stitching.pptx


Nov 5th


Nov 10th

 hdr.png HDR Imaging & Display  17-18 hdr.pptx

 Dylan Martyn

 Flash/Non-Flash photography

Nov 12th


Nov 17th

 light.png Modeling Light!  19-20 light&color.pptx

 Alex Macdonald

 Style transfer for headshot portraits

Nov 19th

 IBL.png Image-Based Lighting

 21 IBLighting.pptx

 Wei Wang

 Perceiving illumination inconsistencies in scenes

Nov 24th

 monalisa.png Understanding Human Face

 22 face.pptx
Nov 26th

 millionimage.png With A Million Images

 23 millionimages.pptx

 Rebecca Stainer

 Parametric Body Reshaping

Dec 1st

 noname.png What Makes A Good Image?

 24 goodimage.pptx
Dec 3rd

  Last day

 Shuyang Dai
 "Time-lapse Mining from Internet photos"
 Botao Wu
 "Sean Carving for image resizing"
 Seng I Chao
 "Regenerative Morphing"



Paper list for presentation

1. "Face Recognition by Humans: 19 results...". Sinha et al. 2006.

2. "Seam Carving for content-aware image resizing". Avidan and Shamir. SIGGRAPH 2007. [Taken]

3. "Perceiving illumination inconsistencies in scenes". Ostrovsky et al. Perception 2005.  [Taken]

4. "Style Transfer for Headshot Portraits", Shih et al. SIGGRAPH 2014.  [Taken]

5. "Exploring Photobios", Kemelmacher-Shlizerman et al. SIGGRAPH 2011. [Taken]

6. "Quicktime VR: An Image-Based Approach to Virtual Environment Navigation", Eric Chen SIGGRAPH 1995.

7. "The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Data", Halevy et al. IEEE 2009.

8. "Artistic Data Visualization: Beyond Visual Analytics", Viegas and Wattenberg. 2007.

9. "Digital Photography with Flash and Non-Flash Image Pairs", Petschnigg et al. SIGGRAPH 2004. [Taken]

10. "Seeing is NOT Believing", Hany Farid. IEEE Spectrum 2009.

11. "Photo Fakery and Forensics (Chapter 2.x)", Hany Farid 2009.

12. "Parametric Reshaping of Human Bodies in Images", Zhou et al. SIGGRAPH 2010. [Taken]

13. "Time-lapse Mining from Internet photos", Martin-Brualla et al. SIGGRAPH 2015  [Taken]

Last updated: Dec 15, 2015. (c) Zicheng Liao.